Day 4: Create a holiday

I’d love to celebrate Family Heritage Day! My family would gather to celebrate and honor the people we came from, who made us the people we are.

Invitations would be mailed and emailed, to catch everybody and remind them of this cool family event. Family Heritage Day on my dad’s side would take place at the old family farm (still in the family). Mom’s side would meet in Chicago, and we would be able to visit places where she grew up and her family members lived (and of course there would be a trip to Kirschbaums!). 

We would decorate with family photos and items that are special to us, perhaps items with some family history or story behind them, like the box that the Rheins brought over from Germany in the 1800s, containing all of their wordly goods to start a new life in America. 

Activities would include:

Bingo! Ask your relatives about themselves and have them initial the squares to complete your card. Who has blue eyes? Who was  born on a farm or at home? Who knew your great-grandparents? Who has traveled to the most states? Who served in the military?

Interviewing each other for family stories.

We’d create a huge family tree, with all of the names/dates/places/photos/stories for living family members, and as much as we know about our ancestors. 

Food would be family recipes, copies of which would be shared in a family cookbook with photos after the event…or maybe during! We could set up a laptop/scanner and scrapbook paper for people to create online and paper scrapbooks and cookbooks. 

Family Heritage Day could actually turn in to Family Heritage Weekend, because we’d have so much fun together!


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